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Entity Health is an Exercise Physiology Clinic that exists to ‘treat the whole you’ via client education and empowering people to take control of their bodies and health. Through individualised exercise prescription, our mission is to facilitate your health journey by providing a physically and emotionally safe space for you to exercise, move and grow. 


As engineers of the human body, we are expertly qualified to assess and analyse human movement disorders, chronic health conditions and provide you a pathway though rehabilitation, recovery and into improved health management.


If you are in the Armidale or New England region, Entity Health is here to help and support you through our expertise on a wide range of health and fitness needs for individuals, no referral required.


about us

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An Exercise Physiologist or EP, is a university qualified Allied Health Professional that provides individualised exercise prescriptions to treat and manage a multitude of acute and chronic health conditions and injuries.

EPs are uniquely qualified to treat special populations as well as deliver education and strategies in disease management and prevention. 


Why are we different?

At Entity Health, our priority is our client’s health and growth. We facilitate this by providing standard 45 min appointments, ensuring our clients receive a full functional assessment in their initial consultations and leave with a tailored home exercise program and treatment plan. 


Our space

We operate within a fully equipped gym and functional training space, which means that your treatment and follow up appointments are active, functional and empowering. Because of this, we are uniquely positioned to support our clients on their journey to optimal health by offering a range of exercise and training options to suit every budget.

about us

who do we treat?

If you are living with a chronic health condition or injury, an exercise physiologist is the best professional to get you functioning and exercising again. Our holistic approach to health means we understand the challenges our clients face and work with them using movement as medicine to implement safe and effective exercise interventions. Additionally, If you are an athlete or a healthy individual looking to improve your sporting performance, an Exercise Physiologists is also uniquely qualified in helping you to reach your peak potential.



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injury prevention and recovery

musculoskeletal disorders

women’s health

children’s health & paediatric development


heart health

spinal injuries & back pain 

metabolic syndrome



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covid19/long covid

arthritis and osteoporosis

lung conditions

chronic pain

mental health

neuromuscular disease 

weight challenges

surgery pre/rehabilitation 




what do we do?

Individualised Exercise prescription for our full range of clients

  • Surgery Prehab and Rehabilitation – including but not limited to total hip and knee replacement, back surgery, spinal fusion and organ transplant.

  • Women’s Health – pregnancy and post-natal support, exercise and education. Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, pelvic floor concerns, prolapse, hysterectomy, hormone imbalance, metabolic syndrome and other women specific issues.

  • Paediatric Development and children’s health – making sure infants and toddlers are reaching developmental milestones and ensuring children and teenagers develop gross motor skills and correctly functioning motor patterns 

  • Chronic Disease Management - referral based chronic disease management and exercise-based interventions

  • Functional Biomechanical Assessments – assessing and analysing human movement and identifying abnormalities in motor patterning

  • Exercise testing – special exercise testing for athletes and sporting teams

  • Strength and conditioning – Exercise prescription for athletes and sporting teams

  • Work Cover – evidence-based return to work/life facilitation

  • Department of Veterans Affair – condition/situation specific treatment and support



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the team


Shae Flynn Owner/Founder, Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of clinical Exercise Physiology

Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia


As an exercise physiologist, Shae’s passion is helping clients take back control of their lives and bodies, bridging their health gap through exercise and active treatment. 

Shae combines her years of experience with continued professional development to ensure she provides the most effective and up-to-date care possible. 

Her own experience with a life of ongoing chronic back pain means she has a deep understanding of exercising, living and functioning with pain as well as atypical functions in the human body. This has resulted in her being very experienced in musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation.

In addition to musculoskeletal injuries and the human function, Shae has a special interest in women’s health, pre and post-natal exercise and care and paediatric development.


Dane Edmonds | Exercise Physiologist 

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology from UNE

Dane Edmonds is an accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology from UNE.


Graduating in 2017, He is an active member of ESSA (exercise and sports science australia) and has years of experience working in the occupational rehabilitation sector and a further 2 years working in private practice. As a type 1 Diabetic himself, Dane’s special interest is chronic health conditions such as COPD, cardiopulmonary, Renal failure, Type 1 & 2 Diabetes as well as musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. He enjoys working with patients in both individual and group settings to help them achieve their health goals.  


Morgan graduated from University of New England in 2018. Her special interest and passion is exercise prescription and functional development for NDIS clients. She has worked in Canada in disability summer camps and enjoys working with children with additional needs.  Morgan also works as a disability support worker. 

Morgan is also a qualified swim teacher and as a state water polo player, loves implementing water based activities and exercise interventions with her clients. 

Morgan Rowbottom | Exercise Physiologist & Administration

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia

Certificate 4 in Disability


As an Exercise Science, Abby is qualified to develop and prescribe highly individualised exercise programs and interventions for healthy population clients. She has a special interest in facilitating weight loss and musculoskeletal development and rehabilitation. As well as working in the clinic, Abby is also continuing her studies to become and Exercise Physiologist.

Abby Parker | Exercise Scientist

Bachelor of Exercise Science From UNE
Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia

the team



A complete exercise class for all ages and fitness levels with exercises tailored to suit the individual participants. Utilising both body weighted and equipment facilitated exercises, this class aims to help those pre/rehabbing from surgery, getting back into fitness and the gym or just wanting to maintain their fitness. We have an additional SCM class for our older members or those that need a lower intensity workout.



A high energy pool-based group exercise class for all ages and fitness levels, focusing on high intensity cardio and water resisted endurance-based strength. It’s perfect for people who experience pain when loading joints, those with painful or injured backs and necks, anyone recovering from a surgery or injury or those that love to exercise in the water.


A strength-based class designed specifically to build and improve bone density and mass. This class is targeted towards anyone currently suffering or at risk of developing Osteoporosis or Osteopenia. Using both body weight and equipment this class is a fun and high energy class.



A conditioning class for those dealing with or at risk of developing metabolic disease. A class strongly centred around Diabetes and cardiac conditions, this group class is designed to facilitate individuals beginning their metabolic recovery or those wanting to progress their fitness in a clinically safe and supervised environment.


Open Gym

A supervised gym session where clients can complete their home or gym programs under the supervision of our Exercise Physiologists. This allows clients unrestricted access to their clinicians for clarification on programs and progression of exercises. Additionally, this class allows our EPs to amend programs and monitor exercise techniques as needed. Great for those who thrive in the gym, who need an extra bit of support or need help with program adherence.

Mum's in Motion

An exercise class tailored specifically for mums with babies. With gentle and progressive exercises, this class is a safe space for mothers to engage in exercise as part of their post-partum recovery or mums who would like personalised Women’s Health support. This program provides a support group as well as multiple Women’s Health workshops facilitated by our extended Allied Health community.

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